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Praslin is the second largest island (38 km²) and is located 25 miles north east from Mahé. It is 15 minutes away by plane from Mahé. The traditional schooner takes 3 hours to cover the distance whereas a fast ferry service does the trip in about an hour.

Praslin is known as a tourist destination with many beaches and hotels. It also has substantial tracts of tropical forests with birds such as the Seychelles Bulbul and its endemic black parrot. The beautiful Vallé de Mai Nature Preserve is known for the unique coco de mer and vanilla orchids. Nature lovers will be delighted to learn that the Vallé de Mai is also home to a range of exotic plants and rare birds. It has been reported that General Charles George Gordon of Khartoum (1833-1885) was convinced that Vallé de Mai was the Biblical "Garden of Eden".

Praslin has a number of beautiful beaches but Anse Lazio has been voted by various magazines as the best in the World. You are invited to see for yourself and cast your vote. The longest beach is Cote-d’Or but the most frequented corner is Anse Volbert. For snorkeling, the nearby islet of St. Pierre is a treasure trove of corals, fish and turtles.